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If Cows Could Vote…


If cows voted the world would be a better place.. at least for the family dairy farmer, and dairy aficionados it would be. The Family Farm Estate Tax Relief Act (H.R. 5475) would definitely help out family farms.

Contrary to popular belief that dairy farms are factory farms run by greedy corporations, 99% of family farms in California are family owned and operated. Dairy farms are typically family owned, and the whole family (or most of the family excluding the slothful family members) work on the dairy to help take care of the cows.

One of the downsides to the family business is transferring the business on to the next generation. In some cases, there is little planning for the transfer of the business to the next generation and the next generation gets stuck with a huge estate tax on the operation. In some cases there is no way to survive the tax, and the family business collapses and are forced to exit the industry.

The Family Farm Estate Tax Relief Act would exempt family farms and ranches from the estate tax as long as the estate keeps farming. National Cattleman’s Beef Association President Steve Foglesong  says “Preserving the legacy of American agriculture for future generations should not be political issue; it’s the right thing to do.” Allowing family farms and ranches to be taxed out of business will put our national food security and global competitiveness at serious risk.”

If cows could vote they would definitely vote for this bill. It allows a brighter future for the families dairies that take care of the cows, and secures dairy consumers a high quality nutritious product that they can depend on for years to come!

Read more about this issue at in the article titled “Protecting Family Farms And Ranches”



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